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Why Should You Consider Meal Prep?

Are you someone like me who is very interested in being healthy and being consistent with it? If you answered yes, then a Meal Prep is something that you should consider. I remember when I was not very consistent. I mean have you ever been the type of person who would go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? I mean you have a list with you and start off great with a pin in hand and check the list and check it twice. Yet, somehow you still manage to venture off of the grocery list and slide in a snack cake, snickers, or some delicious bakery sweet roll that you plan to eat as soon as you get in the car.  Sound familiar? I wasted tons of money on junk that never equated to a meal. I wasted tons of time because the lack of food caused me to skim over the rest of my list.



The sugar caused me to forget things altogether and when I got home I saw that I missed tons because I went shopping with my stomach and left my brain at home. Now imagine if this was you daily. Coming home from work and grabbing something to just “tie me over” as I would say. Then after cooking after your long day going to sleep from exhaustion and never have the time to hang out with your family or even ask them how their day was.


Imagine just having enough energy to eat a meal, take a bath and go to bed. The meal was whatever was quick and easy. Wake up the next morning starving. Sadly, some of us do not have to imagine this life because we live it. Some of us do not even attempt to cook anymore. We pull into the first Fast Food restaurant and pick up our order, head home and give it to our family, and then off to bed we go. My question is what did your family just eat? Was it nutritious? Was it healthy? What is in it? One thing I learned by being on this plant-based vegan lifestyle and watching the pandemic unfold. We in the US never truly understood what real nutritious food is. I mean I never truly understood that if I ate a meal that was truly nutritious then it would provide the energy I needed in the other areas of my life. I would be able to better focus on the choices I made not only pertaining to food, but also to everything else. This is why Meal Prepping is so important.


Top 4 Reason To Consider Meal Prep


As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” This is very true in meal prepping as well. Allow me to share with you some of the reasons why you should consider a Meal Prep:

  1. Consistent Eating Intervals – with more of us working from home it would insure we stay on a schedule and eat a good nutritious meal that we have considered with a clear brain on what we plan to consume. As you have read earlier it is easy to make bad decisions when you do not have a plan. Meal Prep will insure you are being consistent with your eating.
  2. Portion Control – Portioned-sized meals are great when you are trying to control your intake. With us being home it is super easy to eat everything in the refrigerator or cupboard because it is more accessible to do so. Having a planned meal prep for the week will insure we eat only what we planned to and nothing more.
  3. Saving Time & Money  – You save a lot of money when you are not going out to eat all the time. You’ll also get a deposit of time back in your schedule as you won’t have to worry about cooking or picking up food.
  4. Ditching The Mess –  Preventing waste and not having to clean up dirty pots on a daily would be key reasons why meal prep is the way to go

These are just 2 of the many many reasons to consider meal prepping. . Another major reasons is the variety of meals you can try with meal preps. You can have a chicken bowl on Monday and Eggplant Parmesan on a Friday with a Buddha Bowl on a Wednesday. Don’t get me started on the desserts that we can also offer with a Meal Prep. So let me just leave you with this last bit of information. Life is to short to be in the kitchen when there are those of us who enjoy doing it. Enjoy your family. Love on your kids and just warm up a dish, put it on a plate and discuss your day. As someone who homeschooled for 10 years and all of my children graduated it is gone before you know it. So allow Bereisheet 129 Vegan Plantbased Cuisine & Catering to do some if not all of your meals so you can spend time with those who matter the most.

By Erica Stephens